Reformed Presbyterian Church of Bucklands Beach

228 Bucklands Beach Road   |   PO Box 39275 Howick   |   (09) 534-8353    



Classes that teach the English language and culture in a social Christian context.

Open to adults from all cultures, backgrounds and religions.

Cadets & Gems

A club for encouraging children to grow socially, spiritually, mentally and physically.

Open to all children aged 8-15.

Women's Fellowship

A social group for women to engage in fellowship, study and prayer.

Sunday School

Classes for kids to learn about the bible in a fun, social way.

Open to children aged 5-12.

Youth Group

A social group for youth that meets regularly for fun, fellowship and food.

Open to all youth aged 15+.

Catechism Classes

Classes for young people to learn about the bible and basic theology.

Open to all youth aged 13+.

Home Groups

Groups that regularly meet together for study, fellowship and prayer.